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Interview with Samantha Flikkema

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1. Describe your interviewing experience. How did it feel to interview someone using an audio recorder?

A) It was fun to Interview Sam about her experience showing horses all over the nation. I feel like it was slightly awkward to interview her with a microphone sense were such good friends.

1. Describe your audio editing experience. What did you enjoy and not enjoy?

A) I feel like it was difficult for me to get the right amount of cuts to cut it down cause I really thought all of the interview was interesting and that she had a lot to say.

3. Describe the experience of taking a portrait photo to go along with the audio story.

A) We did the interview in her car so I just used my phone to snap a candid photo of her in her truck. I tried to make it very simple and sweet.

4. Did anything surprise you about this assignment?

A) It was very difficult to upload the audio onto sound cloud and that shocked me.

5. Do you wish you could have done anything different? Or do you wish something went more smoothly?

A) I just wish there was less giggling in the background between her and I.

6. How might you or could you use audio in your future? And please don’t just say, “not at all.” Even if you go into agriculture communications, or public relations, or advertising, there are ways to use audio. Think creatively.

A) I could use Audio when talking to people inorder to get the perfect story with all of the right parts in it. I don’t like to forget little parts so this way I can go back and listen to it.

Caption for Image: Samatha Flikkema a University of Wyoming junior spends her time showing horses across the nation.

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