Blog Post #1

Post #1!

After checking out the past classes post and reading some of their excerpts, I am looking forward to learning more about blogging language. I feel most bloggers use a different way to communicate that is more down home and comfortable but formal compared to other social media platforms. With that that being said i’m looking forward to writing a lot and starting blogging for the first time.

I am looking forward to reporting on the horse industry this semester. I would like to look at events coming up in the industry. As well as hot topics and that are going on. I wan to write about winnings and horses that have won as they win. I would like to do some journalism with interviews asking people about how they got there and where they are going etc.

This semester I am looking forward to getting to report and write about the horse industry and look into all the ins and outs of it. I am excited to pick specific ideas and report on them as the semester advances. I would like to target people who show horses as my viewers.

A Little About Me

Hey there, my name is Paris M Starn. I am a Junior at the University of Wyoming in Laramie! However, originally I am from Honolulu, Hawaii! Ive been living on the mainland sense I was eighteen years old.

I made this blog so you can follow me as I travel the nation showing Cow-Horses. I spend roughly seven days out of the month at a horse show there wil be lots of content!

Little more about me… I spend all of my free time with my seven +/- horses at the barn. I train futurity (3 year olds) cow-horses as my specialty. However, I do sell older horses and some ranch tracked horses to the public.

After college I plan to write for a western based magazine. Thats my dream job so I can travel with horses and show but also share my ideas and thoughts with the western industry.