Blog Post 10

a. What were some production skills/concepts that you expected to learn in the class?

I came into this class expecting to learn how to write in journalistic formats multiple formats. Such as websites, social media and articles.

b. To what extent did you gain the production skills/concepts that you expected to learn in the class?

I think I learned how to do a lot of the stuff I wanted too. I wish this class didn’t have to go online because I think we lost a lot of the good conversations we were having in person when we went online. Also it got really complicated and difficult to communicate.

c. Now, brainstorm about what “soft skills” you have learned in this class. Examples of “soft skills” are interpersonal communication, listening well, empathy, perspective-taking, being a good critical thinker and problem solver, and being able to make connections across complex ideas. To what extent have you learned and practiced “soft skills” in this class? (Hint: Many of your assignments helped developed these skills in one way or another.)

I think taking subjects and ideas and turning them into assignments was a great soft skill that I learned how to do. It was very complicated but became easier as the semester went on.

d. Discuss how these production and soft skills/concepts could help you in your future career.e. What assignment did you find the most meaningful? Why?

I think I will use this a lot in my future carrier because it will help me be able to communicate through text over multiple media platforms which is so important.

f.What assignment did you find the most challenging? Why?g. If you could go back in time and give yourself advice about this course, what would you say to yourself?

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