Blog Post 3 – Photojournalism

Rhoda Rein Ridding Metalic Dual to a score of 286 down the fence to win Worlds Greatest Horseman. This win makes the team top one million dollars won.

James Eliot riding RR Cats Merada scoring a 449 to win the Novice non pro bridle class in Ft Worth.
University of Wyoming ranch horse team showing the children form the cathedral home how to drive a horse and buggy at the Hansen arena.

Beau Clark Ridding Diva Duke to a 152 to win in the Youth Bridle class. This is Beau and Diva Duke’s second time to win the title here at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions.

Collegiate from across the nation line up at the celebration of champions to find out who won the national title for the Collegiate cow-horse and boxing classes in Ft Worth, Tx.
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