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Silver Spur

The Range Arena is owned by the fairgrounds and is a private boarding facility that is self care. The Range offers inside box stalls with runs as well as outside runs and pens. The Range is one of Laramie’s only boarding facilities that has a heated indoor arena.

The range tends to have inside stalls and runs full year-round with a waiting list. However, the outside pens tend to be first come first serve style. “I enjoy boarding here because it’s in a good part of town close to my house and campus.” Says Houck.

  • Inside stalls run ($135/a month)
  • Outside stalls run ($110/a month)
West side of The range entrance. Address 3031 Fort Sanders Rd.

Spur Ridge Equestrian Facility is one like no other here in Laramie. It offers inside box stalls with runs as well as outside runs, as well as a large indoor arena with a lounge. The difference between Spur Ridge and other boarding facilities in Laramie is that Spur Ridge offers rental units on property so their boarders can keep their horses next to their homes.

            The downfall of Spur ridge is that it tends to stay very full with a long waiting list for both apartment as well as stalls and runs. “We are currently building more stalls as well as apartments for 2021.” Says Jessica Ford, the manager of Spur Ridge.

  • Inside stalls run ($210/a month)

Outside stalls run ($160/a month)

Spur Ridge Equestrian center entrance. Located at 2665 soldier Springs Rd.

Stone House is a private boarding facility located in West Laramie. Stone House is roughly ten minutes away from the universities arena (Hansen) which makes it very user friendly for students whom are on the rodeo team. Stone House offers outside runs for boarders, as well as one indoor arena and one outdoor roping pen.

            They are a self-care boarding facility so students will have to be able to feed for themselves.

  • Outside stalls run ($150/ a month)

Silver Spur is a privately-owned facility that offers box stalls, runs, and outside pens for for horses in the West Laramie area. Silver Spur was recently purchased by the Wagner family and has gone through some large remodeling since its new ownership.

            They offer an indoor arena as well as an outdoor arena to their boards. There is also a hot walker and pastures that boarders can ride through. Management offers full and self-care options with a price variable. Dogs are not allowed at this location at this time.

  • Inside stalls run ($250/a month)
  • Outside stalls run ($210/ a month)
  • Full care ($110/ per horse/ a month)

These are just a few options for places to board in the Laramie area. Below I made a map locating all of the boarding facilities and their correct names for incoming students to look at and check out.

A few things to keep in mind while searching for the perfect place to board your horse while at college.

  1. Where does the majority of your college team board their horses? Boarding your horse where your team members do is a great way to build friendships and helps you settle into your new location.
  2. Will you be able to see your horse twice a day? Some college students are able to go and feed their horse breakfast and dinner, while other students are unable to do so given the load of college courses and other responsibilities. Make sure to pick a place that enables your horse to be taken care of if you cannot attend to it as often as necessary.
  3. Find a location that works for you. If you are going to be doing most of your riding at the college arena, then maybe a nice indoor isn’t the most important to you compared to someone who will be riding at their boarding facility daily.

Good luck on your quest and your time at the university! Go Pokes!

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