Instagram Account

a) To what extent did you have prior experience with Instagram and Canva prior to this assignment?

  • I have a large Instagram handle (17.7k) followers. I have spent minimul time on Canva.

b) What kind of promotional strategy did you aim for when creating your Instagram posts about your prior class work?

  • I just posted what I wanted to see on other instagram accounts. I was really focused on being authentic and natural.

c) What was challenging about this assignment?

  • I think the most challenging was making the post interesting and summarizing the info on the posts.

d) What surprised you about this assignment?

  • I was surprised that this assignment was so simple and easy to create.

e) How do you see yourself using Instagram in your professional future? Be creative!

  • I like how I am doing my instagram now. You can check it out at (@cowhorse_Chick)
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